The SAMSUNG e•MMC is an embedded MMC solution designed in a BGA package form. e•MMC operation is identical to a MMC card and therefore is a simple read and write to memory using MMC protocol v4.41 which is a industry standard.
The embedded flash management software or FTL(Flash Transition Layer) of e•MMC manages Wear Leveling, Bad Block Management and ECC. The FTL supports all features of the Samsung NAND flash and achieves optimal performance.

产品规格 4GB eMMC
e.MMC 4.41 Specification compatibility
产品特性 • MultiMediaCard System Specification Ver.4.41 compatible. Detail description is referenced by JEDEC Standard
• SAMSUNG e•MMC supports below special features which are being discussed in JEDEC
- High Priority Interrupt scheme is supported
- Back ground operation is supported.
• Full backward compatibility with previous MultiMediaCard system ( 1bit data bus, multi-e•MMC systems)
• Data bus width : 1bit (Default) , 4bit and 8bit
• MMC I/F Clock Frequency : 0 ~ 52MHz
MMC I/F Boot Frequency : 0 ~ 52MHz
• Temperature : Operation(-25°C ~ 85°C)
Storage without operation (-40°C ~ 85°C)
• Power :
Interface power → VDD (1.70V ~ 1.95V or 2.7V ~ 3.6V)
Memory power → VDDF(2.7V ~ 3.6V)
• Nand Flash type: 32Gb MLC x 1
• Package size: 11.5mm x 13mm x 1.0mm
• 153FBGA

• GPS navigation
• Network device
• Smart Phone
• Portable device

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